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  • Sonja Soldo (Pogon, Zagreb, HR): Reasons behind the Forum and Residence programmes as Pogon’s strategy for interconnecting artists
  • Lillian Fellman: Local impact of artist residencies: The potential for development and diversification, stories instead of statistics and observations from the Res Artis network
  • Candace Goodrich (Kunst Kraft Werk; One Sided Story, Leipzig, GE): Leipzig residency scene
  • Ivana Hanaček (BLOK, Zagreb, HR): Research platform / UrbanFestival
  • Ika Sienkiewicz Nowacka: ResSupport Workshop for Emerging Artist Residencies: How to start and sustain an artist residency field?
  • Goran Sergej Pristaš (BADco, Zagreb, HR): Experience in performing arts residencies
  • Iva Rada Janković (Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, HR): Residency programme of the Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Adéla Foldynová (Pilsen 2015 European Capital of Culture, Pilsen, CZ): Residency in ECoC – Examples: K.A.I.R. (Košice) & Open A.I.R. (Pilsen)
  • Residency programmes: long-term investment for artistic and social development (Round table)
  • Practices: similar means for different ends (Panel discussion)
  • Support: networking, infrastructure, knowledge (Panel discussion)
  • Directions: needs, ambitions and probabilities (Presentation of working sessions’ conclusions)
  • Artist talk with Ana Hušman and Bojana Panevska
  • Photo documentation

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